Road Tripping USA - tips for fellow Aussies

Be Brave

There is little doubt that certainly in the USA, or back home in Australia, to travel effectively, you need a car.  And given we drive on opposite sides of the road, there is some stress with the transition.  But, be brave, and just do it!  Your vistas will be opened up beyond belief!

What is wombatwalkabout?

Wombats are both great travellers and great eaters.  They have adapted to the hot Australian climate by living in their underground network of burrows and looking for food in the cool of the day. We likewise love to move, search for food, and trundle around.    I am grateful to have seen authentic Australia, emus running with the car, dodging snakes in the grass and kangaroos at dusk.  Funds may be tight, but the excitement never fades, and I hope that our own children will one day pass on that lust for experiencing as many of the wonders of this earth  (small and big) as they can in a lifetime.  

We will be sharing some of the places we have found, and look forward to hearing about your experiences too.

And as a postscript, during 2020, covid has changed the world of travels.  Here in Melbourne, Australia, we have been in some sort of lockdown for most of the year, and the last two months we have been limited at best to a 5km radius from our home.  My travels for some time have been limited to neighbouring streets, and more recently to parkland at the Werribee River, a gift to the soul and the camera indeed.  I now see the local world through different eyes, and will explore that on foot and with my camera while covid is attacked.  When Melbourne reopens, it will be a gift to our community indeed.  Stay safe.

A resident of Healesville Sanctuary
A resident of Healesville Sanctuary


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