Those trees of Jekyll Island

In Jan 2020 we were very very lucky to be travelling USA.  In our road trip, we travelled thousands of miles from Texas and in a big loop eventually down to Key West.  One of our very manyRead more

Life in the west of Melbourne coming out of covid lockdown

And so, with great trepidation, some of us began to venture out again.  Restrictions being lessened, the 5 km limit removed, it felt extraordinary to be able to leave the home.Read more

Life around Werribee during covid shutdown episode 2

Lockdown has continued in Melbourne, and with a few small outbreaks still happening, our community movement restrictions remain.  No matter, I still have access to the Werribee River, which isRead more

Travel at home during covid lockdown

2020 and life therein was unexpected.  We returned from a much treasured road trip through the southern states of America, just as covid was appearing through the world.  Melbourne started covidRead more

Big cat heroes of Florida

While in Orlando, I wanted to do something very special (other than visiting Harry Potter, which was also very special).  In my travel research I had come upon a number of big cat sanctuaries. Read more

French bakehouse charm in the Australian goldfields

It was not what we expected, to be sitting in a delightful courtyard eating gourmet pies and black forest cake in an area better known for bluestone and miners.  A french accent accompanied theRead more

Disappear into the forest in Melbourne

One of my favourite places in Melbourne, and its totally free, is the Royal Botanic Gardens.  I was the unfashionable school kid who would chose going here over bowling or ice skating or rollerRead more

Who doesn't love a river in Melbourne

Sometimes you want to get out of town, but not go to the effort that can be required when you have kids.  And thats where Warrandyte comes in handy.Read more

Buchan Caves - Victoria's wild wild east

The far east of Victoria seems forgotten.  Which is a good thing.  Very quickly as you head due east from Melbourne, the traffic thins.  And you find yourself on roads almost alone.  You and theRead more

Volcanic Crater and Garden of Eden

Warrnambool, the seaside city about 3 hours drive west of Melbourne, is famous for its historic port origins, and increasingly its strong dairy industry.  Aside from this, it holds a very unexpectedRead more

Movie Star Dogs and Penguins on Shipwreck Coast

Look up the movie Oddball.  An Australian movie based on the true tale of the majestic Maremma guardian dog, it told the tale of how this dog brought back a penguin colony from the point ofRead more

The Great Ocean Road - 5 days packed with seaside sights

Within easy access of Melbourne (but warranting at least one overnighter), lies the Great Ocean Road.  The road itself hugs the wild and rugged coastline of Victoria's west, and its construction begRead more

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