Those trees of Jekyll Island

Road tripping usa just before covid

In Jan 2020 we were very very lucky to be travelling USA.  In our road trip, we travelled thousands of miles from Texas and in a big loop eventually down to Key West.  One of our very many treasured stops was Jekyll Island in Georgia.

Arriving just after Christmas, we were very fortunate to see christmas decorations adorning the historic homes at this location.

If I could run back anywhere for a holiday with global travel back on the agenda, this place would be in the top 3.  

Totally touristy, but so important to understand the background of where we were staying, was this trolley tour, ultra cool open trolley that took off from the most scenic visitor centre, and wound through the historic district, with commentary and opportunity to walk through some of the most amazing homes you have seen in your life.  At one time, the major financial decision makers of the world all holidayed here in their vacation homes (20 times bigger and grander than any house I have ever stepped in!).  It is so fortunate that this all still remains.

The houses are set amongst glorious southern moss.  We had just 4 days here.  I highly recommend that if you get here, spend a week, minimum


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