Life around Werribee during covid shutdown episode 2

Lockdown has continued in Melbourne, and with a few small outbreaks still happening, our community movement restrictions remain.  No matter, I still have access to the Werribee River, which is within my permitted 5km zone for travelling, and every visit is indeed an emotional and visual delight.

It was a perfect day for walking.  Very warm for this time of year in Melbourne (18C overnight) but overcast, with coming storms.  So it was pleasant to walk without the sun rays blaring, and perfect for photography.

The river in part runs behind the main street of Werribee, which adds a bit of that grunge industrial feel to a natural environment.

I think the plan is though to open up dining etc to the riverfront, which when we are allowed to dine again and have some money and employment, we locals no doubt will be rushing to do so.  A wonderful idea.

I sat for a bit trying to photograph the ducks and ducklings.  Photographing kids and wildlife needs a lot of patience and time, neither of which I had much of on this walk.

Pity that my focus was a bit off, but i do love the movement of the ducks in this photo.

The river is indeed beautiful, with different vegetation seasonally coming into focus with leaf growth and blossoms.

The old growth is preserved, so important to biodiversity.

The walking trail passes under an old bluestone bridge, which in turn runs parallel to a modernised concrete version.  Werribee is a historic area, and if ever in the area, a visit to the Werribee Mansion is a must.

It was a dogwalkers paradise this morning.  One walker kindly allowed me to take a photo.  Her greyhound was a rescue dog, the little terrier though she said was a bit of a handful in comparison.

One could sit for hours by the river.  On this trail, though, there is actually very little seating.  I sat on the earth for a while watching the current movements.

My time run out and mouths to feed at home, I curtailed the walk not much past the bridge, and headed back for the car.

Sadly, on the return walk, I noticed the evidence of old dumping.  A lot of effort is put in to keeping this waterway clean, but any change in weather and water level will often evidence what has been dumped in the past.


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