Travel at home during covid lockdown

Melbourne in covid shutdown

2020 and life therein was unexpected.  We returned from a much treasured road trip through the southern states of America, just as covid was appearing through the world.  Melbourne started covid restrictions suddenly in March, and with a brief reopening, a recurrence in cases led to the need for a second, and much prelonged shutdown.  Our restrictions included a 5km radius beyond which we could not travel, an allowance to leave the house for one hour a day to exercise, and to shop one person only, one time a day.  At the time of writing, we are still in shutdown 2 months later, but with positivity that cases have fallen dramatically and our city will reopen.  Thus, under these circumstances, my focus, and that of my camera, is on a discovery mission of my immediate neighbourhood.

Werribee River

Fortunately for me, covid restrictions enabled me to visit the Werribee River.  The River backs on to the local shopping district of Werribee, and with beautiful walking and biking paths, offers an escape into tranquility.  Yet, the walls of the shops and buildings can be glimpsed between the trees, but with the noise of the birds, seem invisible.

Much cooler and more hip people than myself traverse these paths.  I have been most grateful to breathe the fresh air and restorative powers of the local environment before returning to the family home.


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