Kilgore and Texas

Travelling from Louisiana to Texas presented us with a dramatic visual change, although you do have to head off the highways to get the most of it, so do your planning!  Taking the I49 and then I20, we drove 2 short hours before taking the turnoff for Kilgore.

Kilgore was an oil boom town, and has the title of the worlds richest acre.  A tribute to the town, in recognition of its history, it has created steel replicas of the Oil Derricks, which apparently at Christmas time are lit up (what an amazing sight that would be).

We had a tight travelling deadline to get back to DFW, but made the time to enjoy the hospitality and delicious food of the Charburger Stockade.  Great burgers, booths and onion rings and generous sides, and our last iced tea for the trip (miss it so!).  These eateries are one of the reasons we love travelling to the States, those well priced opportunities to stop and eat great food and without emptying the wallet.

We walked off our meal with a stroll through the heat.  There were a number of  little specialty shops to catch our interest, and respite with icecreams across the road.  Some time was then spent in a second hand store, where we picked up both USA and Australian coin, and other cool memorabilia, and got to speak with the friendly owners.

Next stop, Dallas, and its white knuckle superfast highways (the only time of the trip I sat with my eyes closed as husband navigated traffic such as I have never, ever seen), narrowly dodging a car running off the road in front of us.

But, Melbourne Australia, take note, we need these raised highways to get our traffic moving.

Certainly, Dallas was an epicentre of road construction.

Our last night was spent at the Homewood Suites (a 2 bedroom suite, giving the boys their own space), visiting Costco and a shopping mall, and dining at Jack in the Box, ready for the flight home.

A big thanks to Qantas for getting us on what was a full flight, in time to return for a funeral the day after landing back home.  And a big thanks to everyone between Texas and Florida, Louisiana and Alabama, for your hospitality and charm.


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