Hilltop Country Store Tallahassee

The drive back from St Augustine to Pensacola is a 5+ hour one, and Tallahassee being about midway, looked like being the perfect place to schedule a stop.  With a bit of online research, we discovered a well recommended dining option.

Hilltop Country Store,14807 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee (I've popped the address in, as you will want to visit!).  To get here, we pulled off the highway, and drove through byways beautifully wooded with pines.  (and started to doubt our directions, until the store materialised seemingly out of nowhere!)

A family owned and operated store, with friendly and welcoming service, and the family busily cooking in the kitchen, everything cooked to order with love and care, and we were able to chill and relax in a room out back (with an aircon - whew, thankyou).

There were also covered picnic tables just in the garden out back, if you preferred, but we elected for a bit of cooling air.  The food was amazing and there were so many menu options we wanted to try everything, but with the generosity of the servings we just couldnt manage!  Definitely, if we are ever in the neighbourhood again, we will certainly return.

Ït is the stops like these that make driving the US so special.


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