Kennedy Space Centre

The EPI Centre of space exploration and an actual working space shuttle launch facility.  Kennedy Space Centre.   

About an hours drive from Orlando, we checked out of our Orlando hotel, feeling sad to say farewell to the world of Movies and Wizardry, but pumped about entering the world of space exploration. (noting that there are tolls to pay along the way!)

Our entry gained us a seat on coaches that tour the NASA facility, taking us on a 2.5 hour journey that includes going near the launch pad, with an informative and entertaining commentary.  

The site is surrounded by swamp land with the accompanying ecosystem hosting wetland birds, and was an unexpected sight of the tour.

There was then time for an IMAX movie, and visits to the Atlantis building.

And a bite to eat at the Moon Rock Cafe, which actually was well priced we thought, given the location.

The quality of the displays was exceptionally high, and we ended up spending the most part of the day here.  The entry fee of approx $200 for the family, while not cheap, was good value for the time we spent here and what we were able to experience.

And because the crowd levels were low, we were able to really wander through and soak up the atmospere, lost in our imaginations.


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