USS Alabama

Adding to the high octane dose of Military history we had experienced at Pensacola, we reached out for more!  At just under an hours drive, we scheduled a daytrip to Mobile, Alabama, for the USS Alabama Memorial Park.  With a setting on Mobile Bay, the 45000 tonne Battleship was indeed a magnificent sight.

The admission fee at $15/head was very reasonable, given we spent almost a full day exploring the Battleship, Aviation exhibits and USS Drum Submarine.  The tours are self guided, which suited us fine, as we were able to climb up and down the steep narrow staircases at our own pace, and move between exhibits leisurely.

And surprisingly, we were able to gain respite from the heat with airconditioning in sections of the ship (other areas were somewhat hot but one could retreat to a deck with aircon and sofas).

According to the website for the USS Alabama, the USS Drum Submarine is the oldest American Submarine on display.


With the hours we spent exploring, we were relieved ot be able to retreat to The Galley cafe on site, where we were could relax with air con and great food.  We regretted not ordering one of the hamburgers, we looked enviously on a neighbouring table as they arrived there.

On our drive back to Pensacola, we drove past some amazing looking restaurants, such as Felixs Fish Camp, but at the time fully intended to return during the trip, and this is what I would have ordered:

Felix’s Shotgun Shrimp
Lightly breaded jumbo Gulf shrimp tossed in a
hot and spicy Thai Chili sauce with Chipotle and
Habanero peppers. Served with creamy sweet slaw.
It’s lip-numbing good. 9.99

White Chocolate–Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

An individually baked serving of a white chocolate
bread pudding mixed with dark chocolate chips
and roasted pecans. Served warm with dual
sauces: caramel sauce and creamy Jack Daniels
bourbon sauce.

On this occasion, wanting to get back to our hotel we headed for a Dennys back at Pensacola.  

Thanks Dennys Pensacola, for the Chicken Noodle Soup (which became somewhat a staple in our evenings throughout the US after big days of exploring the local dining options) and the welcoming service, for we ended up coming here almost nightly during our short stay.


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