Driving Melbourne to Canberra

There is no doubt that the road to Canberra, or Sydney, can be pretty boring.  The Hume, particularly heading out of Melbourne, is tedious, and covered in speed cameras for the Victorian leg.  There are limited places to stop, other than road side verges where if you are lucky, there may be a govt initiative offering free coffee (which was the case on this occasion)

But you will see sights new to us urban dwellers, such as these sheep going touring!

Gundagai often works for most people as a good stop.  It does require getting off the highway, but as it works out as half way, is a good point to grab a bite to eat, see some old Australia, and refuel.  And of course, there is the Dog on the Tuckerbox to visit.

Gundagai is famous for its old bridges, so make the time to stop and take a look, your camera will thank you.

I recall driving over these many many years ago, but now there is a smart bitumen bypass.

The Family Hotel offered a terrific lunch, fast service and a good break, even if we did stay a bit too long.

You cant drive thru an old Aussie town and not do the counter meal of course.

You are talking 8 to 10 hours drive, so providing you have left early, you will be arriving at the other end as the sun is going down.  Makes for some stunning sunsets though.


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