Gippsland - giant trees and farming history

Driving about two hours east of Melbourne takes you to the region known as Gippsland, once a bustling farming and logging district, but nowadays hosting pockets of growing residential communities radiating out from the towns where the day trippers visit for the fresh air and vistas.

The area is close to my heart, with family having dairy farmed there many years ago.  And during that time, I grew up on car trips on the winding roads amidst the giant trees.  One can spend just a day, but if you have time, try and overnight.  Warragul is one location that offers a range of accommodation and is in reasonable proximity to many of the locations you are likely wanting to visit.

The area is renowned for its beautiful farming landscapes, with many a dairy and equestrian farm in the areas near Neerim.  Travel a bit further, and you can see the Noojee trestle bridge.  

It has been restored, and fortunately it is now safe to walk over the top, where you will have amazing views.

The bridge remains from an old railway that once went from Noojee to Warragul.  It is the tallest of the remaining Trestle bridges in Victoria, and an imposing sight.

You can enjoy the climb and again descent thru the Australian Bush.

Just around the corner (relatively speaking!), is the ADA tree, one of our largest living trees.  

There is a loop walk, with one way a path winding thru magical Ferns.  One half expects fairies and elves to be peaking out of the mysterious surroundings.  There is a second path which is really a forestry track, that was useful for a quicker path back to the car.  The ADA tree is now more protected than when I first visited, with a raised platform constructed around the tree, to help prevent damage to the root system.

This is only a tiny snippet of the attractions of the area, but all we could fit in on this particular day, before the sunlight started to fade.  So it was time to cruise back to Melbourne.  Stay tune for further updates on Gippsland.


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