Shamu - visiting Sea World San Diego

Sea World is facing a turning point.  The idea of animals as entertainment is receding, and theme parks featuring animals slowly pivoting towards the recognition of conservation and humane and appropriate housing of animals, with entertainment coming from other means (such as thrill rides.)  This is a good thing.  Walking through Sea World, we saw two primary aged girls exploring the Éxplorers Reef, picking up star fish and throwing them.  I hope that each generation can teach the next to only ever show respect and care to each other, and to all animals and creatures.

Eventually, I hope there will be no such thing as a theme park revolving around animals, only animal sanctuaries in their own right, and theme parks focused on education and the preservation and  humane treatment of animals.

Sea World in San Diego seems to be one of the most popular of the Sea World network in USA.  It was big.  And sunny.  There wasnt a lot of shade to be found, which meant unfortunately for me I needed to hide in the indoor habitats for much of the day!

During the outdoor show in particular, I needed to make an early exit with the suns rays pounding, and left the family behind!!

The penguin population was much more expansive than anything we had seen in Australia, and were a delight.

Without a doubt, the kids favourite, which we ended the day with, was the massive plume ride.  I sat it out, but next time I will pluck up the courage and enjoy it with them.  That has been the most fun thing about travelling as a family, being pushed beyond your boundaries in the name of fun!


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