Whaley House and ghostly fox terriers

A fan of all things paranormal, since my very clear first sighting of a ghostly presence (of a hat wearing, cigarette smoking man, coming through my bedroom door), at the age of about 10, visiting Whaley House was high on my list.

Whaley House (in Old Town, San Diego) is said by some to be one of the most haunted houses in USA.  It has a varied past, having been used as a family home, and then later Court House, Theatre, and General Store, as well as being the site of hangings before the house was even built.

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To gain entry, we purchased tickets next door at the Whaley House museum shop.  The tour is self guided, so you can freely wander the house and gardens.  On our arrival (about mid morning) it was hot and busy, with people squeezing past one another in the narrow hall and up and down the stairs, taking away from that element of quietness I had hoped for.

Nonetheless, it appears that Whaley House lived up to its reputation on our visit.

While on our walk through, nothing untoward presented itself, however on preparing my photobook some time later back home in Australia, I immediately spotted something unusual on the first photo depicted above.

If you look at the top photo, the distinctive silhouette  of an animal sits under the chair at the back right of the room.  I went back to search engines to conduct some research, and there are repeated reports of a ghostly fox terrier here.  I think I have unwittingly captured it with my camera.  

The poor thing is sitting under the chair with its back to the passageway, which to my mind makes it aware of the people walking through.  He isnt lounging about as a relaxed dog should be.  Looking at his shadow huddling under the chair, I am sure he disliked the presence of the hordes of people even more than I did.  I feel sorry for him.

Old Town is rife with stories of paranormal events, it truly seems to be straddling the old and new worlds.  And however you look at it, I think the image of this little dog is a lesson for us to respect those in the other realm.


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