Knotts Berry Farm - old time theme parks reimagined

Knotts Berry Farm is a gem..  I truly loved it, as much as Disney, if in a more understated way, and if I lived anywhere nearby, I would have an annual pass, and go all the time!  The historic nature of this theme park shone through, and as someone who is enchanted by colonial/wild west/gold mining roots, this aspect of the park won me over.  That and its feeling of peace.   And great value for money (we took up the free child entry with adult, and for $142 we had entry for the whole family.  What a bargain. For the first two hours, it was very quiet.  So much so, we wandered through without crowds to navigate through, hopping on, and staying on, the rides.

The rather black theme only added to the appeal.  

We visited Knotts while staying at Anaheim.  Getting here was easy, with the bus stop right outside the main Disney entrance.  

The rides ranged from charming, to the later added higher velocity coasters (I confess to sitting those ones out!)  The kids rode the Xcelerator, but didnt dare hit the Supreme Scream or Rip Tide.  Having said that, they are asking to go back so they can revisit their decisions!

The heritage timber Ghostrider coaster was closed for maintenance during our visit, very very sadly,  (something to bear in mind when visiting theme parks during slow seasons, as some rides will be closed for maintenance), but the pay off in the lack of queues makes up for it I think!)

And with Snoopy, what could be more perfect!  Additionally, there are said to be hauntings in the park, some of which centre on Camp Snoopy.  Snoopy - what have you done!

There was a really good range of dining options available.  At the entrance to the park, there were a number of dining places, including Mrs Knotts chicken dinner restaurant (although having just come back from Texas and Mississippi, where we probably had the best fried chicken of our lives, Mrs Knotts does the job ok.)  Within the park you had dining and snack choices also.

Knotts Berry Farm , we will be back some day soon we hope!


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