Disney and Anaheim - number 1 on any kids bucket list

A trip to California was planned and it was impossible not to put Disneyland on the priority list.  I must confess I was a bit ho hum about it, I just believed that the reality could not match the hype.  I was wrong.  

To get to Anaheim from Australia was gruelling, flying out of Melbourne via Sydney to LAX, all up, I lost count of the hours, but it was lots.  Leaving home in the dim dark hours of 4am, we finally arrived at LAX local time 10am the same day, accounting for the time change.  Fortunately we had booked a bus transfer to Anaheim from LAX, before we left Australia, which took away some of the arrival stress of how to get there.  And so, we arrived at our accommodation, the Islander Inn and Suites, about 11.30am.

The Islander were very very kind to allow us to check in early, and we enjoyed two bedrooms, with 3 queen beds all up and 2 tv's, so the boys had their own space.  We crashed, big time, and arose the next morning to purchase tickets at Reception.  With it our first visit, we acquired a buy 2 day, get one day free, pass, for Disney and California adventure.  We didn't pay the extra to hop between the parks, and for our purposes with so much to explore in each park, that proved the most suitable option on this occasion.  I had spent a lot of time looking for discount tickets, but I discovered that any discounts available are minimal.  The best solution for us was just to buy on arrival.

With Star Wars land presently under construction, I understand that some of the areas we explored within Disneyland are now being transformed.  Our favourite rides - so hard to say, as everything is a favourite, but Indiana Jones ranked pretty highly (sorry no photos), Space Mountain, the Tea Cups, and pretty well, every other ride.  Disney is undoubtedly the happiest place on earth.

There are tonnes of dining options, but for a change of scene, to get a midday meal, we walked out to Dennys, close to the entrance.  We have became regular Dennys diners on our travels through the States, the soup alone often meal enough.  However, we did look at awe at the food available throughout Disney, and will partake on our next trip (coming soon!)

Disney dining was pretty reasonably priced, given the size of the servings, as anything one bought could be shared.  As could the rides!!

We hit California Adventure on the second day, the entrance being opposite the Disneyland entrance  It was hot, so one had to explore mindful of the sun.  The Tower of Terror, which is also now being reborn to Guardians of the Galaxy, I think?, was a personal favourite!

The streetscapes were pretty awesome too!  The rides at California Adventure were, a bit more 'adventurous' than those at Disney, so for the extreme thrill shy people like myself, I got to hold the bags while the family did some of the coasters, whereas at Disney, the rides were suited to absolutely everyone!!, including myself.

With the warm evening, we stayed for the night time light show.  

Again, dont forget the sunblock and seek shade!!  The Cars world was truly mind blowing, and the only ride in which we utilized the fast pass.  Otherwise, there would have been no hope on getting on the Cars journey.


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