Lord Howe Island - World Heritage

The gasp that one makes as the plane lands on the runway is Lord Howe's gift.  Somewhat off the radar of many travellers, and roughly a two hour flight from Sydney, it cost a bit of money to visit, but as they say, long after price is forgotten the memories remain.  World Heritage listed, and truly jaw dropping scenery.  From the moment the plane landed, (and with strong cross winds that day, it had a few goes, and the air steward being sick in a bag added to the atmosphere), but WOW, I was in paradise.  With just a few short roads on the island, the preferred mode of travel is pedal power.  I duly hired a bicycle, and with sheer delight and dogged determination, cycled about, the only traffic hazards being the woodhens that ambled about untroubled by people,  Similarly, at Neds Beach, as I entered the water I was literally surrounded by swarming fish.  

There are plentiful trails one can walk, for varying abilities.  If you are super fit enjoy hanging on ropes and adventure, Mount Gower is for you.  However you do need a guide to undertake this walk, the payoff though, would be awesome.  Being a little less ambitious, nonetheless I set off early every morning on a new walk.   I had the unpleasant experience of constantly walking into spiderwebs and brushing the webs off my face.  With 150 species of spiders on the island, the probability of running (literally) into new varieties was high.  Amongst the places I visited were Kims Lookout, where there is a memorial to Kim, who fell off the rocks back in 1967.  I also walked around the wreckage of a Catalina flying boat, which hit the hill in 1948, killing seven (fortunately, somehow there were two  survivors).

A Lord Howe Currawong followed me on the Transit Hill walk, apparently at the time there were just 30 resident on the island. 

There are a number of places one can stay.  I chose the Leanda Lei apartments, simple but welcoming accommodation surrounded by tropical gardens.  The first thing I did on return home was plant a bundle of hibiscus plants, and have never stopped.


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