Footsteps Australia and Beyond

Thank you for visiting my site.  I will be sharing with you favourite pictures of mine, hope you find some of them interesting!  And throughout, on offer are some travels that may interest you, and many more photos.  Inspiration for us all to discover this earth and its wonders.  And then do whatever we can to protect it - pick up some litter, and plant as many trees as we can!  There will be a lot of photos of trees, and roads (both personal favourites), as well as urban life and real people.  Enjoy!

View of the bridge over the Werribee river

View of the bridge over the Werribee river

A Selection of Travel Journeys

I cant stop taking photos!

Whether it is walking the dog through my local suburb, or standing in a dramatic landscape on the other side of the world, I see an image.  Images to share,  to save the moment, to have fun and look back on.


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